The recording session for the Cameron soundtrack at Sound Temple Studio


The music I composed for Cameron came as a big surprise. The events of 9/11 had ended my singer-songwriter career and killed a record deal in negotiations that would have released my debut recording. (After 9/11, the label saw no viability in promoting an Arab-American artist). In the years that followed, I felt my gift to compose music had died with that lost dream. But as I progressed in writing the epic drama A Demand of Blood, something miraculous happened. My sensibilities about the joys and sufferings of the men in my story brought forth the music that expressed those emotions. Not knowing what would become of the music, my producer and I recorded eleven pieces, and eight made their way into the film.
Place of the New Green – I dreamt of walking through a house with green walls that seemed to echo beautiful, haunting music. I woke up, went to the piano, and played the melody I'd heard. At the time, I was visiting near the ancient Cherokee town of Echoy, which means The Place of the New Green—that soft green that unfurls in spring—just as I’d seen in my dream. For Cameron, the metaphor rings true, as surely the New World is for him a place of the new green.
Lochaber – Cameron’s 2,000-acre plantation in South Carolina reflects the man he has become.
Birth of George Cameron – On the night his first child is born, Cameron composes a melody on violin, echoing hope for a future bright with promise.
Once a Great Nation – Dragging Canoe returns to find his towns in smoldering ruins.